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Web browsers for 6315?

Does anyone know of a reliable web browser for the 6315? You know, one that will actually be more like regular desktop browsing. I am tired of constantly being told that PIE is the wrong version and not having adequate compatibility with java code. I have tried the PIE Plus software, on some sites it would prevent the version kick back, but on others it did not. In addition, there was NO increase in compatibility with java code.

I appreciate anyone’s input!

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RegKing (freeware) is reputed to be able to hack PIE to look like 6.0, but I had no luck with it on my personal site. You can also browse through the portal, which does a pretty good job of reformatting sites.

Otherwise, you’re stuck with Thunderhawk or one of the other commercial or subscription options. Do a 63xx forum search for “browser” and you’ll find good wrietups on them.