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Another wi-fi issue

I just received my 6315 and hooked it up yesterday. I got the activesync working after some trouble, but my new problem is with the Wi-Fi. I turned the wifi on, and it recognizes the same wireless networks as my PC’s and my iPAQ 4155, and I configured the WEP settings, and then when I right-click “Connect,” it says “Connecting” but never gets “Connected.” Has anyone else had this problem? Found or know a solution? I hope there is and I didn’t get a defected model!


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Question, did you use backup/restore (1) after you installed the updated ROM, and/or in (2) general have you used backup/restore? IF you did then realize that (1) the old registry entries are incompatible with the new ROM, and (2) problems are carried over after a backup/restore. The ONLY solution is perform a HARD-RESET; see attached text document and skip to STEP 3.


Wi-Fi issues are generally difficult to remedy, but the good news is that your other iPAQ connects. Therefore, it is clear that the issue is limited to you 6315. The second attached text document should correct this problem; start on STEP 1 to STEP 2. Observation, it seems that you are not using 128-bit encryption, though it is not required the iPAQ’s connect automatically when used; non-encrypted networks require the following setting: check [X] Automatically connect to non-preferred networks.

Good Luck – Let me Know!

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