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Turning off the 4700

well i turned off “thought i did” my 4700 with the power button up on the top of my unit and put it in its case to take to a friends with me and when i get there my battery went from 100% right of the doc to 19% and it was on so i thought ok maybe i didnt turn it off so i did it again and pressed one of the buttons on the bottom and the unit came on so i’m guessing thats what did it. it touched it and it then came back on, Is there a way to lock that so the only way on is the power button or is there a software download i can get to do this? thanks

oh and is there a program that i can run to free up memory? like on regular windows you can do a disk cleanup? b/c i find that my memory runs down quick, thanks

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Yes. Goto Start Menu/Settings/Buttons and tap the Lock Tab. Check the box that says “When device in Standby….Disable all buttos except power button”. This will prevent you from accidentially turning on your device by bumping any of the application buttons. Application buttons work fine when device has been turned on with the power button. This was available on my old Palm’s and I was so glad when it was added to PPC’s. Keep in mind that pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds will turn off the backlight but not put your device to sleep. To get out of this mode just press and hold again to turn the backlight back on. Then a quick press will put your device to sleep. Just another thing to watch out for. Regarding memory, each time you do a soft reset you will regain memory that is not returned after closing an application. Also note, that unless you have loaded a third party task manager, clicking the “X” in the upper right corner to close an application may only be minimizing the app, using precious memory. If this is the case you can download several freeware task managers like “Magic Button” or “vBar” that will show you which apps are open and give you the choice to close one or all.

For general memory management you might want to consider MemMaid from DinarSoft. This memory management utility will purge out temporary files, cache files, cookies, and other files that may be cluttering up your device much like disk cleanup on a Windows machine.

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