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3760 – Intellisync – Lotus Notes R5 – One hour out

I work at a large bank in Australia and our current infrastructure is pretty old. We use Notes R5.0.10, NT4 SP2 and I have installed Intellisync v5.3. I use the serial interface to sync and everything works pretty well, except the calendar. I have seen references to this problem all over but don’t seem to have any solution. Some of the appointments in my Notes calendar are synced to the 3760 one hour earlier. It appears that they are only appointments that I have made. Other people’s appointments are coming through fine. I believe it has something to do with DST settings.

What are the possible solutions? I’m thinking of setting DST to OFF for everything, NT, Notes and the 3760. Can anyone provide a guaranteed fix for this problem?

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So the problem could be on your PC side… the ipaq automatically adjusts for daylight savings but the PC does not. On your PC double click on clock, click on Time Zone tab and then on that screen you will see the box that needs to be checked.

also check that both PC and IPAQ are set to same time-zones.

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