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Box Contents:

The unit comes with a charging cradle and the capability to charge an extra battery in the back. A wall adapter. A nice stereo phone headset (it is weird to make a call and hear the other person in both ears!). An extra stylus. CD, with a more detailed manual, and additional software, i.e. ActiveSync, etc.. It also comes with a the traditional iPAQ 37xx,38xx leather pouch case making me feel like I miss my old iPAQ’s. The unit also comes with Verizon’s Manual for Wireless Sync and how to check voicemail, minutes used and emergency numbers and the XV6600 PocketPCPhone. One great feature is that Verizon placed a plastic adhesive on the screen like similiar iPAQ’s asking the user to dial *228 to program their phone. By dialing this number it will download the latest roaming database and any software upgrades needed. What an easy and great feature!


The XV6600is based on the Intel XScale technology and offers the latest in Microsoft Pocket PC features with the Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 Phone Edition. The XV6600 is equipped with 64MB ROM / 128MB RAM and supports .wav, .mp3 .bmp, .jpeg, .gif files. The XV6600 also comes with the following features: Digital Only: 800MHz/1900MHz NationalAccess/BroadbandAccess Capable VZEmail with Wireless Sync-MSM5500 Chipset, 3.5″ QVGA 65K Color Transflective LCD. Bluetooth Capable, Integrated QWERTY Keyboard, SDIO Expansion Slot for additional memory and peripheral devices. Sorry no WiFi but why the heck do you need it when you are already surfing up to 750kps!

Software Included:

The only downfall with this phone is the lack of software bundled with it. Users of the HP iPAQ hx4700 are really spoiled compared to the bare bone XV6600 user. The software included is the generic Pocket Word, Excel, Windows Media, Album by HTC, Bluetooth Manager, xBackup and Wireless Sync. What is Wireless Sync? Wireless Sync from Verizon Wireless is an always on, “push” email technology so you can receive emails and real time calendar updates automatically. What you need to do is goto here and register your phone. The XV6600 already comes with the Wireless Sync client so their is no installation required on the PocketPC. Once you register you phone you are ready to syncronize your device.

On caption on the right you will see that you need to setup your email accounts for the wireless sync to check. The service also will work with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes which is a huge plus for the corporate users. One the screenshot on the left you will notice Verizon allows a total of 164mb of space on their server!! WOW every Blackberry client I have used either on TMobile or Nextel they only offered 10mb. What a great plus for the corporate user! The way this works is that the wireless sync will check/send email every 15min in which anything lower will just drain the battery even faster. The user also has the option of checking email manually if they arent sure they received all their email.

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