Adata to Unveil XPG NIA Console, Powerful AI Laptop, and Many Other Innovations at Computex 2024

Adata to Unveil Exciting Innovations at the Computex Trade Show

Adata Technologies has prepared a notable array of new products for the upcoming Computex exhibition, slated to run from the 4th-7th of June 2024 in Taipei. The lineup includes the XENIA 15G laptop, primed with AI functionality and vast memory capacity, the XPG NIA portable gaming console, LPCAMM2 memory modules, overclocking DDR5-8000 memory modules and a variety of solid-state drives (SSDs) based on PCIe 4.0 and PCIe 5.0 standards.

XENIA 15G Laptop: AI-Enabled and Memory-Intensive

The XENIA 15G laptop, set to debut at Computex, comes with an impressive total built-in memory of 24 terabytes (TB) and 96 gigabytes (GB) of RAM. The device is powered by the Intel Core i7-14700HX processor and features three slots for adding M.2 storage devices, each with a capacity of up to 8 TB. As per the manufacturer’s design, this laptop is suited for handling the computational demands of artificial intelligence (AI) applications, particularly large language models of generative AI that require vast memory resources.

XPG NIA: The Portable Game Console

Adata will also reveal the XPG NIA portable gaming console at the exhibition, albeit further details remain undisclosed. Analysts speculate that it could be an OEM product, potentially already available under a different logo.

LPCAMM2 Memory Modules Showcase

Adata is set to showcase their LPCAMM2 memory modules, designed mainly for AI applications, high-performance mobile gaming and workstations, as well as data processing centers. Though the specific characteristics of this new memory product aren’t public yet, the company asserts that the modules will comply with the LPDDR5X-7500 standard and come in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities.

Adata Products Showcase

More Adata Innovations at Computex-2024

In their press release, Adata’s marketing team highlighted several stand-out products to look out for at Computex-2024:

  • Overclocking DDR5-8000 memory modules;
  • The XPG XENIA 15G laptop with a total storage capacity of 24 TB and 96 GB RAM;
  • LPCAMM2 memory modules;
  • XPG LANCER NEON RGB DDR5 memory modules;
  • Project NeonStorm PCIe 5.0 SSD;
  • LEGEND 970 PRO PCIe 5.0 SSD;
  • Project NeoCool PCIe 4.0 SSD;
  • XPG NIA portable gaming console.
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