Adobe Adds “Generative Deletion” of Objects Feature to Lightroom

Adobe has unveiled a new feature called “Generative Remove” for its graphic editor, Lightroom, using the artificial intelligence model Firefly to enable easy editing of objects within photos, as per a recent announcement by the company.

The feature performs effectively, independent of the photo’s background complexity, the developer asserts. It can effectively remove stains from patterned shirts, food photo table cloth creases, unwanted water reflections, and more.

Adobe began integrating generative AI functions into its products last March, debuting the Firefly model. This model amalgamates the company’s prowess in image, typography, illustration realms, and more. Firefly offers a vast range of adjustable settings, enabling image generation based on textual queries, style adaptation according to a set sample, or vector graphics production in Illustrator.

As per the company’s assertion, it is closely working with the photography community to enhance and broaden the new feature’s capabilities enabling object removal using generative AI. Additionally, Adobe announced the launch of the Lens Blur feature, which adds a bokeh effect to images to help create a depth perception.

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