Aikyam, a fantasy RPG with extravagant battle scenes inspired by Indian cinema has been announced.

Canadian indie game studio, Thousand Stars, recently unveiled its venture Aikyam. The game, infused with an Indian influence, is the studio’s debut into the realm of turn-based fantasy role-playing games (RPG).

In Aikyam, chaos ensues in the eponymous village following the mysterious disappearance of its beloved leaders. As malevolent entities gear up to seize the mighty Himmel Clay and plunge the world into eternal darkness, it falls on Vishva, Ramli, and Guru-ji, the protagonists, to rally the disheartened villagers against the impending threat.

The game brings exhilarating turn-based battles, marking them as ‘extravagant’. The developers have embedded dramatic jumps, spin moves, and gravity-defying stunts inspired by iconic Indian cinema into the gameplay.

Doing good deeds in Aikyam has its rewards. Kind acts ripple across the village, sparking off new adventures and unlocking valiant supporters to aid in battles, among others.

Aikyam Screenshots

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The creators are promising an enchanting world encapsulating the essence of ancient India and a unique visual style presented through Unreal Engine 5. Indian word Aikyam translates as ‘unity’ and ‘harmony’.

The game is in development for PC (Steam), PS5, Xbox Series X, and S. While a release date is yet to be confirmed, the developers assert it will not be long before the game is ready. As of now, English has been declared as the only supported language.

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