Announcement of Repterra, an old-school strategy game inspired by classic Command & Conquer, featuring tens of thousands of dinosaurs on screen.

Chute Apps, the independent studio behind the January release of the construction sandbox game, Sandbox Skyline, has announced their next project, Repterra: an old-school strategy game that harkens back to the 90s.

Upon first look, Repterra resembles the classic Command & Conquer series, sporting pixelated graphics, an isometric perspective, resource gathering, base building, and units that respond dutifully to commands. However, the similarities end when the roar of dinosaurs fills the air and the player’s base is stormed by prehistoric beasts, evoking echoes of the secret mini-campaign in the Covert Operations expansion for the first Command & Conquer game, which also featured dinosaurs.

Positioned as a survival game with base construction on a dinosaur-ridden Earth, Repterra challenges players to reclaim the planet and halt the rampant breeding of these prehistoric monsters. Players will fend off massive hordes of dinosaurs, potentially numbering up to 100,000, as they develop their colony. This combat will occur as part of both the narrative-focused story campaign and a survival mode.

Repterra Screenshots
Screenshot of Repterra gameplayAnother screenshot from Repterra

The developers promise that Repterra will captivate players with its 90s strategy charm, multiple units, and buildings. The game will support smooth play at 60 frames per second, achievements, and cloud saves on Steam.

Repterra is set for release in the first quarter of 2025 on Steam. Those interested inarticipating in future beta testing can sign up on the Chute Apps website. In addition to Repterra, Chute Apps is also currently working on the evacuation roguelike Extraktion 1943 and the card roguelike Infest.

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