Apple to Release AI for Transcribing and Summarizing Meetings and Lectures

Apple Set To Upgrade Apps With Artificial Intelligence For Real-Time Audio Transcription And Annotations

Apple’s AI Assistant in New iOS 18 Version

Packing more intelligence to its notes apps, Apple’s iOS 18 will unveil real-time audio-to-text transcription and smart annotation functions based on Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology. The AI assistant will be able to recognise speech in audio recordings and highlight key points in the text—a step up in note-making digitization.

Improved Transcription and Summary Features for Apple Apps

According to Appleinsider, Apple is in the works of advanced functions that transcribe audio and generate concise annotations in real-time. This enhancement will target apps like ‘Notes’ and ‘Voice Memos,’ among others. There is a hope that, over time, iPhones will convert audio messages in messengers to text. However, it is not on the table at present. Sources confirm that Apple has tested these features in preliminary versions of the apps, scheduled to roll out as part of the iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15 later this year.

Instant Transcription on “Voice Memos”

In particular, the ‘Voice Memos’ application will gain the capability to transcribe audio recordings instantly. The transcribed speech will show in the app’s interface centre instead of the traditional graphic audio representation. Users can launch the transcription process just by a simple button press.

AI-Powered Annotations in “Notes”

Correspondingly, the ‘Notes’ app will have a similar tool. Additionally, along with transcribing speech in the ‘Notes’, the app will have an automatic annotation creation function based on the recorded audio. These summaries, generated with AI technology, will immediately highlight key points of the record, providing users with a condensed text summary—no need to go through the entire audio recording for this.

Apple’s Vision: A Powerful Tool for Structuring Varied Information

Apple aims to transform the ‘Notes’ app into a robust instrument to structure various information types through the combination of sophisticated audio processing functions, speech transcriptions, and summary generation. The improved voice and text note features will significantly boost efficiency for numerous user groups, including students, journalists, and writers. You can now easily record lectures, interviews, ideas and more, and subsequently obtain ready-to-use transcriptions and concise summaries without the hassle of manual audio decryption and processing. For minimising transcript errors and information compilation, the original audio records will be stored in ‘Notes’ parallelly with the transcribed text, thereby preventing any significant data loss.

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