Atlus announces a seasonal pass for Persona 3 Reload, including the much-anticipated epilogue, The Answer.

Japanese publisher and developer Atlus confirmed its intentions to release a season pass for Persona 3 Reload, a remake of the iconic PlayStation 2 role-playing game Persona 3, during the March Xbox Partner Preview presentation confirmation details were revealed.

Before the announcement, data miners and insider Midori had divulged that post-launch expansion packs for Persona 3 Reload were in the offing. The February leak has proved to be entirely accurate.

As expected, the new content for Persona 3 Reload is slated for stepwise release:

  • 12th March – Background music collection from Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4 Golden.
  • May – A suite of Velvet Room-style costumes and music;
  • September – Story expansion Episode Aigis: The Answer.

The Answer, originally the epilogue of Persona 3 that was exclusively available on Persona 3: FES, is expected to be a paid DLC, akin to Capcom’s add-on Separate Ways for the Resident Evil 4 remake. The Answer unfolds events subsequent to the Persona 3 finale and features the heroes caught in a time loop. Players can look forward to enhanced functions, new animations, interface, and a revised soundtrack.

The season pass for Persona 3 Reload, priced at USD $35, will be available from 12 March. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers have free access to the entire package until 31st January 2025.

Released on 2nd February, Persona 3 Reload is available on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. The game is priced at USD $70 and can also be accessed on Game Pass. Currently, Persona 3 Reload holds an 88% score on Metacritic and an overwhelmingly positive rating of 97% on Steam.

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