AT&T Wireless Takes iPAQ Pocket PC to the EDGE

 Company Offers Bundled Solution for High-Speed Wireless Data Services REDMOND, Wash., June 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Starting today, AT&T Wireless (NYSE: AWE) will begin offering a bundled device and service package
that allows business customers to use their HP iPAQ Pocket PCs to access the
fastest, nationwide wireless data network in North America.   Using a
Bluetooth-enabled iPAQ, business customers can access AT&T Wireless EDGE
service by using a Bluetooth-enabled Nokia 6820 phone as a portable,
high-speed modem.
    The company stated that while many business customers want integrated
voice and data-capable PDAs, others want the flexibility of carrying separate
wireless phones and PDAs without sacrificing functionality.  This new package
provides a cost-effective solution for business customers looking for this
kind of capability and provides a simple way for current iPAQ users to upgrade
the capabilities of their existing devices.
    "This new bundle allows iPAQ users to access high-speed wireless data
services in ways never before possible," said Abhi Ingle, vice president of
business data solutions at AT&T Wireless.  "Together, HP and AT&T Wireless
have created a simple solution that provides customers with the ability to
carry separate devices while still being able to fully leverage the
capabilities of each."
    "HP delivers solutions that enable our customers to stay connected and
enjoy rich content in multiple environments," said John Dayan, senior director
of HP Handheld and Wireless Business Unit, Americas.  "By working with AT&T
Wireless on this unique bundle, we are able to offer our customers another way
to be productive while mobile."
    Enterprise customers who already own a Bluetooth-enabled iPAQ can receive
the Nokia 6820 and HP Bluetooth connectivity software for as little as $74.99
when they sign-up for a monthly wireless data plan at $49.99 and any voice
calling plan of $39.99 or above.  Business customers can also selected a
bundled solution includes a Nokia 6820 handset, a choice from among three iPAQ
models -- the h2210, h4150 and h4350 -- and HP Bluetooth connectivity software
all for a discounted rate when coupled with voice and data service from AT&T
Wireless.  Enterprise customers who select the iPAQ h4350can receive the
bundle for as little $423.99 when they sign-up for a monthly wireless data
plan at $49.99 and any voice calling plan of $39.99 or above.  Those selecting
an iPAQ h4150 can receive the same bundle for as little as $374.98, and those
choosing an iPAQ h2210 can receive it for as little as $404.98.*
    "Considering that the list price of a new iPAQ can be $400 or more, our
enterprise customers can actually receive this entire bundled solution for
less than the cost of an iPAQ itself in some cases," said Ingle.  "In
addition, business customers who already own iPAQ's can take advantage of
other special discounts on the Nokia 6820 that enable them to fully leverage
their investment."
    AT&T Wireless EDGE service is the fastest, nationwide wireless data
network.  EDGE service is now available nationally to customers located in
areas served by AT&T Wireless covering approximately 220 million people, some
7,500 cities and towns and areas along more than 30,000 miles of major
    For specific details about this bundled solution, enterprise customers are
encouraged to contact their AT&T Wireless or HP business account
representative for details.

    About AT&T Wireless
    AT&T Wireless is the second-largest wireless carrier, based on revenues,
in the United States. With 21.692 million subscribers as of March 31, 2004,
and revenues of more than $16.8 billion over the past four quarters, AT&T
Wireless delivers advanced high-quality mobile wireless communications
services, voice and data, to businesses and consumers, in the U.S. and

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    * Certain restrictions apply.  Customers are encouraged to speak with
      their business account representative for additional details.

    For Further Information:
     Jeremy Pemble
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     John Kampfe
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