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Changing the way people access real time, rich content while on-the-go

Over the past 5 years the PocketPC has evolved into something we rely on each and every day. One aspect of the PocketPC that has always been missing is an easy way to navigate and get driving directions, true interactive maps, movie locations and other important aspects of each and every user. The Microsoft browser on the PocketPC is extremely limited giving the PocketPC Phone user nothing but a huge headache. Well thanks to Action Engine and their revolutionary interface we might have all our questions answered.

The Action Engine Mobile Application Platform introduces a browser less, client/server approach to accessing transaction-oriented online services that takes 80% fewer keystrokes and drives 20x faster response times than browser-based alternatives. The turnkey Brand-n-Goapplications pack enables wireless operators to go to market in unprecedented timeframes with intuitive, responsive and personalized applications that create an addictive user experience. The company’s software has been deployed by a list of global wireless operators that include Orange SA, mmO2 and SMART Communications, Inc.

During my initial thoughts before downloading this application I was a bit worried if I was either wasting my time or the company just didn’t truly understand the mobile users needs. Well I definitely was wrong. The majority of this review will be more of an overview of the applications capabilities and features. Also if you would like to know how you can book a flight, find a restaurant near the airport and get drving directions to the airport under 3 minutes you want to read this review!

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