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Sometimes I carry more than one iPAQ, well, actually that is a story for later. Suffice it to say that I often have a need to use more than one. I have been enthralled with my 1940. It is such a terrific unit for over all performance. Pretty much I use it for games, ebooks and maps for my GPS and of course my contacts. It has truly been a wonderful addition to my collection. But there are only so many pockets, so what do you do?

CasesOnLine have a very cool Belt Case that is without question the best that I have ever seen or used. You can probably tell by now that I like professional looking cases and I think that leather has the ultimate look of professionalism. But protection of the unit has to be on an equal par with the look and this case has it.

With a horizontal design that allows for comfort no matter if your standing or sitting and a belt clip that is extremely convenient and durable, this is an outstanding choice that is well worth the investment.

The belt clip, encased in leather, is a durable spring type metal that securely holds your case either on a belt or snugly on the waistband of your pants. You get a feeling of security when you attach the unit…it works well!

The case opens and closes with a magnetic closure that really “grabs” the flap when you close it. The front and back of the case are attached with an elastic gripping material that keeps your iPAQ snug and safe. Like the DeLuxe Case, there are two elasticized SD cardholders that are located on the outer part of the case but hidden under the flap. A nice design! This is a great case, thin, convenient, durable, protective and professional.

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