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Wifi/GSM/GPRS/Bluetooth HP delivers a monster of a phone

It is Monday July 26th at 6:00am in the morning and my new iPAQ h6300 alarm goes off as I hit the snooze for another 15 minutes. Before I knew it my alarm went off again and I was delighted to lay comfortably in my bed, as I make a connection via wirelessly on my 802.11 network. I immediately connect into my corporate network via VPN and log into my Microsoft Exchange email. Seeing that my assistant made a change to my Power Point presentation, I download the presentation and opened it in the ClearView Presentation software bundled in my iPAQ h6300 in which I noticed my assistant spelled the customer name wrong and made the change. I hop out of bed and jump into the shower, get dressed and I am off to my work. As I am driving to work I turn on my iPAQ h6300 and log into AOL Instant Messenger which is bundled with the unit and send an instant message to my assistant telling her about the mistake and that I made the change and not to worry. Since I didn’t need to go to my office I drove directly to my customer’s location. I grabbed my portable projector which works with my iPAQ and was ready to make my presentation for the customer. During my presentation with the customer they had requested some literature on some products I spoke about during my presentation and told me they would make a decision once they received the literature. After leaving the customers site I got into my car and started to respond to their request immediately. Since I have all my product literature saved as a PDF I was able to connect via GSM/GPRS on T-Mobile’s network and log into my corporate email. I typed my message using the attachable keyboard supplied with my iPAQ h6300 and attach the PDF and sent it off to the customer. Does this sound more like how you envision working? Well now you can!

The iPAQ h6300 is probably one of the most advanced Pocket PC phones available in the market today. Since I have been using this iPAQ for some time I was able to put it through the paces and really get a feel of the unit. In our review we will go over four different elements of this phone such as design, wireless definitions, software included, and functionality.


The iPAQ h6300 is comparable to an iPAQ h2215 in size. The unit has some new characteristics such as as (1) Receiver (2) GSM/GPRS LED indicator (3) Bluetooth LED Indicator (4) WLAN LED Indicator (5) Power Button with Charging LED. The top of the iPAQ no longer features the traditional SD or CF slot in which the traditional iPAQ owners are used to. While traveling in my car at night I liked the placement of the LED indicator lights showing me which connection I was using such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GSM/GPRS. HP has done a fabulous job with providing a smart data connection. What this means is that if you are in your house and running a wireless network your iPAQ will not connect to the GSM connection but will utilize your WLAN. Once you leave your house your iPAQ will notice you left a WLAN connection and switch to the T-Mobile GSM connection. Home network users make sure to encrypt your wireless network since any iPAQ h6300 user walking by will auto detect your network and be stealing some bandwidth. A word of advice for all, encrypt your wireless network.

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