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They have it all…………… Quality Leather – Outstanding Craftsmanship – Professional

With the introduction of the new line of iPAQs, there had to be several new lines of cases that would appear. For me, there was only one case that I would consider…CASESONLINE!

The reason is simple; the products they produce are of the highest quality leather coupled with superior craftsmanship. I have had a variety of different cases with all my iPAQs but none have had the consistency that CASESONLINE has. In addition, I like a case that has a professional appearance but one that clearly is functional. Protecting your iPAQ is clearly the number one concern but if you can protect it and add additional functionality then you have a superior case.

In this latest round up of new cases, CASESONLINE has designed a unique means of securing your iPAQ to your case. For many of these new cases, there is a new holder that they reference as the unique iPAQ Pocket PC molded box. The clip is a sturdy plastic type material that has a non-slip leather type material on the inside of the clip. The clip is adjustable and will fit ALL iPAQs.

When I first saw the clip, I was a bit skeptical but within seconds after investigating the material and its construction, I was very impressed. But seeing is believing so I tried it on ALL my iPAQs. Guess what?….it fits all of them! This is very cool…one design…all your iPAQs.

I have added a 3715 to my ever growing collection of iPAQs and deciding on the case I would choose was easy although the style I would eventually pick was a difficult choice. For the 3700 series, CASESONLINE has five styles to choose from; each suited for specific needs that a user might have. The styles that are available are the Slim, Flip, Belt, ePortable and ePersonel.

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