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If you make a phone call on your HP iPAQ model h6300 Pocket PC using a Bluetooth (BT) headset and the line you are calling is busy, you will not hear a busy signal. This issue could cause you to stay on the phone longer before terminating your call because you are unaware of the receiver’s busy status.

However, you will be able to see that the line is busy by looking at your Pocket PC screen, which displays a “Busy…” message.


This issue affects all models in the HP iPAQ series h6300 Pocket PC as follows: h6310 h6315 h6320 h6325 h6340 h6365


HP does not plan to “fix” or change this operating characteristic of the HP iPAQ series h6300Pocket PC. You may avoid the issue by observing the Pocket PC screen and terminating a call when you see a busy message.

You can read the advisory HERE

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