DeLorme Blue Logger-Excellence in Technology

Being able to use my iPAQ for multiple functions is important for me especially since I expect to travel a lot this summer and fall. Not having to carry around a myriad of devices is important, yet being able to perform multiple tasks with ease is just as if not more important.

With my anticipated travel into areas that I have never been before, it was important for me to find a device that would help guide me through those twists and turns that one makes on a long trip. The question is, what device do I get to guide me in all those unknown areas?

With a little research and past experience with DeLorme, I chose Earthmate Blue Logger GPS. Why? It has everything I want and MORE! For $149, the Earthmate Blue Logger GPS and the Street Atlas USA Handheld Software gives me everything I need for mobile GPS computing. In addition, the flexibility to place the receiver anywhere I want to maintain a better, stronger and more accurate signal is a huge plus!

So what is it I want in a GPS mobile solution for my iPAQ?

1. To be able to set a route from my home computer, export it to my handheld, and use it to guide me to my destination.

2. The ability to determine a secondary route to travel while I am on the road with my iPAQ and have the GPS guide me.

3. The ability to track my travels as I vacation across the country so I always know where I am.

4. I want to be able to log a route traveled and save it to create a routable map at a later time.

With Blue Logger, I can do everything I want and more. Blue Logger requires a Bluetooth connection with your iPAQ and you need to have Bluetooth installed on your PC to be able to work with the logging functions. I purchased the Belkin USB adapter, which has been absolutely outstanding. It was a quick install and I was up and running with out any difficulty.

Besides the Blue Logger GPS, a neat carrying case and an AC charger, I was impressed with what else comes in the package. I really did not anticipate a docking cradle that can also hold a spare battery but having a mobile charger included was a huge plus! The ability to guarantee that your Blue Logger will have a charge on the road is important.