Director of God of War III and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor launches Giant Skull Studio to Create Engaging Single-Player Games

Stig Asmussen, previously with Electronic Arts and a veteran game developer known for his role in creating God of War III and the Star Wars Jedi duology, has announced the establishment of a new game development studio, Giant Skull.

Giant Skull aims to focus on producing gameplay-driven narrative adventure action games set in captivating worlds. The studio has already begun working on its debut game, an as-yet-unnamed single-player action-adventure AAA title running on the Unreal Engine 5.

Giant Skull Headquarters located in Los Angeles (Image source: Giant Skull)

According to Asmussen, now CEO of Giant Skull, the studio’s culture fosters creativity and curiosity with the aspiration to create a captivating universe where players would want to immerse themselves in for many years to come.

Asmussen is joined by several industry veterans in managing Giant Skull:

  • Technical Director Jon Carr, who previously held the same position with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor;
  • Design Director Jeff Magers, who oversaw design for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order;
  • Artistic Director Patrick Murphy, former Art Director of Fortnite, Valorant, and League of Legends;
  • Senior Producer Lauren McLemore, who handled the same responsibilities for Fortnite;
  • Animation Director Brian Campbell, a founding member of the Fortnite team;
  • Operations and Financial Director Anthony Scott, who was the Operations Director at Rocksteady Studios before moving to Unbroken Studios.
Stig Asmussen (Image source: IGN)

Scott mentioned that Giant Skull is creating “something special” and wants to engage players in every stage of the development process. Further details are yet to be announced. The official website for the studio is available here.

The announcement of Giant Skull’s opening comes a few weeks after mass layoffs at Electronic Arts, which resulted in the cancellation of a Star Wars universe shooter from Respawn Entertainment, Asmussen’s previous workplace.

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