Exploring Cinemas and Hang Gliding Introduced in the Sons of the Forest 1.0 update Trailer

Endnight Games, a Canadian studio, has released a new trailer for their cooperative survival simulator with horror elements, Sons of the Forest. The trailer heralds the project’s imminent exit from early access and showcases features of the 1.0 version.

The final version of Sons of the Forest will feature new mutants, take-off platforms for hang gliders, never-before-seen landmarks, unique crafting materials, and new locations.

In the trailer published on the IGN YouTube channel, the protagonist manages to explore several locations in rapid succession. These include mysterious underground caverns adorned with hanging crosses, dark corridors, forested thickets, and even a real movie theatre.

The final version of Sons of the Forest is scheduled for release on PC via Steam on February 22. This is just under 12 months from its initial appearance in early access. In addition to new features, Version 1.0 will also deliver an expanded storyline and much more.

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