Under SETTINGS, I immediately noticed a new icon under the PERSONAL tab…HP ProtectTools. This is a new feature that adds the ability for you to protect your privacy by activating password protection and encryption. You can configure the unlock setting for a 4 digit PIN, a Password, or a strong alphanumeric password. There are fail-safe settings in case you forget your PIN or password and you get to set your encryption strength. For those that have data stored that is sensitive, this is a great option for you to have.

Under the SYSTEM tab, iPAQ Audio has a headphone equalizer that one can use if you listen to a lot of music. Pocket Informant gives you a myriad of items to edit to suit your individual tastes. I have not spent a lot of time with informant but the ability to change certain features like font size, color choices, calendar, tasks, and contact information is very intriguing to me. As time with this device continues, I am sure I will become addicted to Pocket Informant and its ability to personalize my device.

The CONNECTIONS tab is noticeably different. AvantGo is gone; Bluetooth Manager is in as well as iPAQ Wireless and LEAP. Network Cards is a separate icon and of course you still have Beam, Bluetooth and connections.

The cradle is the same as all the new iPAQs. It is a new design that is weighted in the back. The “sleeve” that the iPAQ would slide into is removable for other adapters that are interchangeable. One cradle for multiple devices…a nice idea. It has only a USB connection (no serial connection) so charging can done when cradled and your computer is running. Of course there is an AC power pack that you can also use either as a separate charging unit or attached to the cradle if you choose not to use USB charging. I like the design and the ability to change the portion that actually holds the device to the cradle. Assuming that you might have multiple devices, the ability to interchange that part without having to deal with the USB port is a neat feature.