Google allows password sharing with family members

Google’s password manager now offers an option for users to share passwords within their family groups, a feature that is, however, limited to some extent, as reported by Android Authority. The feature is available only for users who have been added to a family group.

“With this new feature, you can now securely share your passwords with your family group in Google Password Manager. When you share a password, your family members will receive a copy of it in their Google Password Manager, ready to be used”, reads the description on Google’s support page.

The company first announced this feature in February 2024 as a part of ‘Safer Internet Day’. However, it has only just been rolled out with the update of Google Play Services v24.20 in May 2024. The password sharing is strictly limited to family group members. To avail this feature, a family group needs to be created and members who can utilize the feature need to be added. The functionality has not yet been incorporated into the desktop version, specifies Android Authority.

Google gave a few examples of situations where this shared password feature might prove useful. It could be handy when two family members need access to a daycare system through a single account or when a child allows access to his/her school assignments to just one of the parents.

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