Google announced plans to integrate Gemini into Android among other innovations

Google has announced plans to integrate the artificial intelligence (AI) functions of Gemini into Android and Android Auto. The addition of the Gemini chat-bot in the “Messages” application aims to assist drivers to remain concentrated on the road while driving. Conveniently, documents saved in Google Wallet will become accessible on Wear OS.

Gemini Chat-Bot Advances Communication

The “Google Messages” application will be enhanced with a new contact, the chat-bot Gemini, which will assist in conversing with others. The company gave an example of the user asking AI for advice on how to improve a joke, to which Gemini responded well. Gemini will also reduce distractions for Android Auto users by summarizing message threads and suggesting responses.

AI aiding in communication

Improved Features for Location and Accessibility

The “Google Maps” application will provide expanded information about surrounding locations. By simply pointing the camera at an establishment, the system will reveal the hours of operation. In addition, the Lookout application designed for individuals with impaired vision, which creates text descriptions from images, will be available outside the U.S. exclusively for English-speaking users.

Enhanced features for location

Non-AI Upgrades to Google Applications

Other updates not involving AI enhancements include the capability to make handwritten notes in the Android version of “Google Documents”. The notes can be made with a stylus or finger in a selected color. This format may offer more detailed information than text comments. The Google Fitbit application now supports integration with the Health Connect platform, developed in collaboration with Samsung. Spotify, a third-party application, will soon allow users to select an audio output device, just like YouTube Music.

Handwritten note feature

Notable Upgrades to Wear OS

Finally, Wear OS will experience upgrades that Apple watchOS users have had for years. Wear OS smart watches will soon have access to documents saved in Google Wallet, along with the introduction of step-by-step navigation.

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