Insider Reveals Potential of Cancelled Respawn’s Mandalorian Shooter Game — Everyone Loved it Except Electronic Arts

Details of Cancelled ‘Star Wars: Mandalorian’ Shooter Game by Respawn and Electronic Arts Revealed

Insider Tom Henderson, well-known in gaming circles, provided new details on the recently cancelled ‘Mandalorian’ shooter game. The game, a project by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts centred on the Mandalorian bounty hunter from ‘Star Wars,’ has left many fans disappointed.

According to earlier reports, the ‘Mandalorian’ game by Respawn featured a linear structure. It offered levels set on various ‘Star Wars’ planets, boasted an extensive arsenal of weapons and gadgets, along with fast-paced gameplay and rewards for skillful play.

Jetpacks were slated to play a significant role in the gameplay

Gameplay and Features

Henderson states the game started from a base — the hero’s lair — where the ship, galaxy map, arsenal, and an upgrade station were located. Here, gamers selected their next mission and equipped themselves appropriately. Players hunted for their targets and other secrets in the linear levels peppered with open sections.

Imperial Stormtroopers of different kinds were set to be the primary adversaries in the game. Additionally, boss encounters with AT-ST walkers and skirmishes with rival bounty hunters were also promised.

The hero, equipped with a jetpack, was meant to have enhanced mobility allowing for access to hard-to-reach areas. An execution mechanics similar to that of DOOM, albeit less violent, was touted as well.

The game's hero was not supposed to be the same Mandalorian

Development and Cancellation

The ‘Mandalorian’ game was being developed for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and S. Although the game was quite far from release, it had a highly polished vertical slice and some almost completed levels/missions.

Despite receiving exclusively positive feedback from developers and early testers, Electronic Arts deemed the ‘Mandalorian’ game by Respawn as too much of a financial risk. As a result, the game was cancelled, much to the disappointment of fans worldwide.

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