Is GPS Driving The PDA Market?

In a recent news item from the Register, Tony Smith indicated that Europeans are continueing to buy PDAs. He said: ” despite growing interest in smart phones… there’s one clear reason why… GPS”

It was an interesting item and it gave cause for me to think why I have my iPAQs. Interestingly enough, on each of them, I have loaded my GPS software. What I found even more interesting was that I generally tended not to duplicate programs on my iPAQs. So why do I put GPS on all of them?

Yup, there is no question that GPS capability is very important to me and clearly important to a variety of handheld makers because many are placing GPS receivers and route-planning software with their handhelds.

What do you think?

Does GPS play an important role for you and your iPAQ? Do you want HP to start including GPS receivers and mapping software?

You can read Tony Smith’s article HERE.

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