Is HP really saying PocketPC’s will be dead in 5 years?

The PocketPC market is pretty much dead, and HP will tell you the same if you talk to them. They will give you a realistic view,” he told news media, in response to a question about the future of the PDA market. Toshiba is one of the major vendors of PocketPCs in Australia, offering some 26 models to business, home and education verticals. Whittard said that PDAs in general had suffered from a lot of hype. Although the consumer space had seen demand, corporates had not found handheld devices so useful. “A lot of it is performance-based. You can only do so much with a PDA if you really want to manipulate data,” he said. Vertical market applications for the devices tended to be somewhat niche, he added, with some companies finding PDAs useful as barcode-reading stocktake devices and real estate companies using them to record data and take pictures of available properties.