Its Official…New York Times..

Effective April 11, 2005 I will no longer be part of the Dave’s iPAQ site. I have signed an agreement with the New York Times writing for their Technology Section. This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make leaving something I worked so hard for the past 5 years. Under the terms I am not able to write for any other online or print publication whatsoever. This opportunity will definitely open doors to other avenues I have never been able to explore. I havent spoken to the moderators about this since I felt everyone deserved to hear it at the same time.

I will miss running this site tremendously.. I have made so many friends with companies such as HP, Microsoft, Sony, Verizon and many others. The people who moderate this site Patrick, Laura, Dave and Steve are tremendous people which I have enjoyed working with. I wish you all the best. I know you are in good hands with Jack.

In my departure Jack Cook will be running the show. Jack told me he would be interested in keeping the Daves iPAQ website name for the interim during this transition. I will continue to visit the site daily and become one of you, a visitor of Dave’s iPAQ. Be sure to read my column every day and drop me a line!

If you arent familiar with the New York Times and are from another planet here you go.. The New York Times Company is a leading media company with 2004 revenues of $3.3 billion, publishes The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Boston Globe and 16 other newspapers; owns eight network-affiliated television stations and two New York radio stations; and has more than 40 Web sites, including, and

Best Regards,

David Ciccone