Massive Spring Sale Launches on Steam Featuring Baldur’s Gate 3, Palworld, and Thousands of Other Games

As promised, the seasonal Steam spring sale started on March 14. The sale is one out of four major season sales during the year offered on Steam, an online digital distribution service. The sale was announced on Steam’s website.

Being a seasonal sale, Steam users can expect significant discounts, even all-time high ones, on thousands of games as well as daily free stickers.

Valve, the company behind Steam, invites gamers to the sale, stating, “At this time of year, many prefer to do a spring cleaning at home. But we have no objections if instead, you decide to take up something for your Steam library.”

The following are some of the notable games in the Steam spring sale, which have recently been released or received attention:

The spring sale at Steam will last exactly a week and will end on March 21. Interestingly, a similar promotion started in the Epic Games Store on March 14.

In recent years, Valve has stopped keeping the timing of Steam’s promotions a secret. The summer sale in 2024 will run from June 27 to July 11, preceded by the “Games to be” festival (June 10 to 17).

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