Microsoft to unveil new wireless device OS

Microsoft Corp. is expected to unveil its new Windows Mobile 2005 operating system, codenamed Magneto, in conjunction with its developer’s conference next week in Las Vegas.

According to several sources familiar with the company’s announcement, Microsoft’s new offering will replace its current Smartphone, Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition operating systems with a single, combined platform. The new platform will also feature a variety of enhancements including new and updated applications, support for QWERTY keyboards and more options for manufacturers and wireless carriers.

Specifically, the platform will include a scaled-down version of Powerpoint as well as updated versions of Excel and Word for mobile devices. It will also feature software improvements for longer battery life, a persistent storage technology to protect against lost data, and updated support for e-mail attachments. Although some devices running Microsoft’s operating system already feature a tiny keyboard, the new version will be more closely tied to keyboard operations. For manufacturers and carriers, the platform will offer additional customization options. And perhaps most importantly, sources said the new platform will be “hardened,” resistant to bugs and glitches.

Source: RCR News

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