NINJ Launches New MP3 Radio Player for Mobile Phones

NINJ, the innovative Swiss developer of games and applications for mobile phones launches VirtualRadio, a new Radio Player that streams radio stations from all over the world to the handset.

Unlike embedded FM receivers on some handsets, VirtualRadio is a piece of software installed on the users mobile phone. By receiving radio via data stream VirtualRadio allows listeners to tune into their favourite radio station outside of the stations FM transmission area. This will turn the mobile phone into a worldwide receiver without the listeners having to worry about meteorological disturbances or using the earphones’ cable as an antenna.

Different than some predecessors, with VirtualRadio the users can choose from a wide selection of pre-defined stations and a single click makes the favourite radio station come alive. No need to fine-tune the frequencies or even to manually type-in lengthy Web addresses of radio stations. It’s simply click and play!

“Almost every day we are adding new stations to our program and the echo from international radio stations and mobile phone operators is quite astonishing”, says Juerg Ingold, Head of marketing at NINJ. “Radio is an important step towards making the multimedia mobile service dream a reality and turning the mobile phone into a multi functioning device receiving and sending high data. Radio stations are able to tap into a new and worldwide public and network operators have an excellent point in selling their new 3G-services to their subscribers.

As a little warning Chris Pfranger, Head of Development for VirtualRadio adds, „Prudent users are well advised to check with their network operator to make sure to have an unlimited data plan or flat rate in place. Otherwise, long hours of listening might become quite expensive. This might be the reason why the demand is specially strong from countries like the US, India, Thailand, Singapore, China, Italy and Australia where service providers offer unlimited data bundles.“

VirtualRadio runs on all smartphones from Nokia and other major manufacturers using the Symbian OS. More information can be found HERE

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