Skype Voicemail and Windows v1.3 Launched

Skype, the Global Internet Telephony Company, launched Skype Voicemail, allowing customers to continually maintain their Skype availability and ubiquity, even while offline. First available in beta in April 2005, Skype Voicemail is Skype’s second pre-paid premium offering. Also, Skype released Skype for Windows v1.3, offering feature improvements to enhance usability and ubiquity through extended integration with other desktop applications.

“As we continue to enhance the Skype offering, we expand Skype’s benefits to users and deliver more potential in modern communication and colloboration,” said Niklas Zennström, CEO and co-founder of Skype. “We’re pleased to offer Skype Voicemail as an affordable premium enhancement to the more than 42 million Skype users around the world.”

Customers with Skype Voicemail can leave unlimited Voicemail messages for all Skype users when they are unavailable or offline, and can receive Voicemails from any caller. Unlike standard voicemail systems, Skype Voicemail also allows customers the flexibility to send pre-recorded voice greetings to any other Skype user, regardless if the recipient is also a subscriber to the service. SkypeIn beta customers from the eight countries in the beta test can also receive Voicemail messages from ordinary fixed or mobile phones. Consumers can personalize Skype Voicemail, set their answer preferences, customize their greeting and receive messages up to 10 minutes long.

Skype Voicemail subscriptions are available for €5 ($7)* for 3 months or €15 ($19) for one year. Orders may be pre-paid with a credit card or via PayPal or Moneybookers at the Skype Store, and include Skype’s money back guarantee. Skype Voicemail refunds claimed within 30 days are offered at full price, and pro rata after 30 days.

The latest Skype for Windows v1.3 incorporates feature improvements, including enhancements for importing new contacts to contact lists, as well as a more customizable user profile area. Skype v1.3 allows users to populate their Skype contact lists from a growing number of desktop applications including MSN, and auto-populate exact matches from Microsoft Outlook. Skype for Windows now also offers an enhanced visual experience with streamlined user interfaces and improved notices about client upgrades and premium services. New animated emoticons give instant messages more expression.

SkypeOut, the first premium offering from Skype that allows Skype users pre-paid calling to any traditional and mobile phone number for local rates, has earned more than 1.5 million paid users since its launch in July 2004. All Skype premium services, Skype Voicemail, SkypeOut, and the beta version of SkypeIn, are compatible with the latest versions of Skype for Linux, Mac OS X, Pocket PC and Windows platforms. Premium services are available at the Skype Store, where customers can also conveniently purchase Skype-compatible quality products and accessories.

Skype is the leading VOIP-category product worldwide, with more than 42 million registered users increasing by approximately 150,000 new users a day. The latest Skype for Windows version is available immediately for download from and from select Skype partners. Skype for Windows v1.3 works on any Windows 2000/XP PC with a 400 MHz processor, and requires a headset, Skype compatible phone or a microphone and speakers.


If you have not started to use Skype, you’re missing out on a terrific program. Take a look…it is just a terrific “must have” program for your PC and your iPAQ! Dave, Steve and I use Skype to discuss issues on a daily basis…the ability to conference is a wonderful feature.

Our site moderators are spread from the East Coast to the the West Coast…Skype has been an invaluable tool to carry on the many discussions that are needed.

You can visit SKYPE here.