Special Offer This Week At SoftMaker

This week only, you can purchase any version of TextMaker, PlanMaker, SoftMaker Office, or MegaFont XXL with a 50% discount.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to get their applications at half their regular price.

Even better: If you order additional products beyond the first one, all other eligible products are just US$ 10 | EUR 10 per copy!

These products are available at this discount:

TextMaker for Windows; Linux; Pocket PCs; Handheld PCs; FreeBSD; Zaurus PlanMaker for Windows; Linux; Pocket PCs; Handheld PCs SoftMaker Office for Windows; Linux MegaFont XXL for Windows; Linux Suetterlin Collection for Windows; Linux; Apple Macintosh

Use one of these special order links only:

European customers

Customers outside Europe