Spotify to allow iPhone users in EU to subscribe bypassing the App Store

Streamlining service provider Spotify has decided not to integrate its in-app purchases into its iOS application in the European Union, at least for now. Instead, the developers have submitted an update to Apple that displays the subscription cost within the app, accompanied by a link to an external site. This site is where users can acquire more details about the proposed rates and register for a subscription.

A Spotify representative mentioned that this change is a response to a recent decision by the European Commission. A few days ago, the commission fined Apple a hefty €1.84 billion for what it deemed an “abuse of a dominant position” within the music streaming segment. The regulator found that the existing App Store policies did not permit third-party product developers to inform users about alternative and more affordable streaming music services available outside of the iOS ecosystem.

The European Commission recognized such practice as illegal, urging Apple to revise its current App Store platform policy to comply with the European Union’s antitrust laws. The commission ordered Apple to facilitate freedom of communication between third-party developers and their clientele, which includes providing details about tariff costs, discounts, and promotions within the apps.

Spotify intends to take full advantage of the European Commission’s ruling. If Apple approves the update, Spotify users in the European Union will have access to subscription cost information, along with other features offered by the platform, within the iOS application. Links redirecting to the Streaming service’s website where subscriptions can be registered will also be visible. Earlier this year, Spotify representatives stated they were planning to introduce in-app purchases within the iOS application, but it is now known that this isn’t happening any time soon.

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