The “Coolness” Continues With SCOTTeVEST Hidden Cargo Pants

When I saw my first pair of cargo pants several years ago, I had to have them because I could finally carry those extra few items that I was unable to with regular pants. Of course, cargo pants are for the very casual look and if you want to look just a step above, the old four-pocket khaki was the only choice. That was until Scott Jordan had the idea to incorporate the cargo pant in a unique No Bulge layered pocket design. Finally you can carry all of your stuff without that “geek” look of unsightly bulges.

These pants have 11 hidden pockets and compartments, offering you the features of cargo pants but maintaining the look of regular khakis. Without question, in virtually every respect, these are the best pair of khaki pants I have ever owned. The quality of the material is superior (would you expect anything else from Scott?). The fabric is 100% cotton that is Teflon coated for water and stain resistance and of course it is machine washable. As always, I was extremely impressed with the flawless manufacturing of this product. The care taken to produce this wonderful pair of pants is obvious as you look at the seams, pockets, and zippers.

The design of the “hidden” pockets is really quite unique. The left front pocket offers 5 compartments for you to store those essentials that you have to carry. A zippered change pocket, a regular pocket for those ordinary things you carry, and a separate “deep” pocket uniquely placed in front of the regular pocket so you can store a variety of items. Integrated into this pocket are a “pen” pocket and two additional pockets that can be used for a myriad of items (a cell phone and your iPAQ for example).

The right front pocket has the regular pocket and the separate ?deep? pocket placed in front of the regular pocket. This deep pocket has two integrated compartments for larger items like a small digital camera and an additional iPAQ. Unique to both front pockets are magnetic closures (which is a patent pending use for magnets) for securing your items and keeping that “neat” appearance to the pants.

One might think that the extra pockets in the pants might “droop” and eventually look unsightly, but Scott has neatly solved that problem by integrating the large pocket with the rear pocket so the weight of any large items would be evenly distributed throughout the pants. A simple but rather unique idea that proves to be extremely effective in making these pants a terrific buy.

See them in action here!