The latest Sifu update was not the last – developers intrigue players with a new teaser

In a surprise twist, a content update for the grappling fighter game Sifu, which developers from the French studio Sloclap (Absolver) announced as final last September, has seemingly been proved otherwise.

During a celebration marking the second anniversary of Sifu, the game’s authors revealed an infographic. In it, they summarized all the updates rolled out for the game to date, including one previously unannounced and unreleased.

This mysterious update is scheduled for release by the end of February, and contrary to initial fans’ reactions, it does not incorporate a cooperative mode but rather new alternative appearances for the main character.

Infographic snippet teasing the mysterious update

The provided infographic also contains detailed user statistics for Sifu, such as the total time spent on gameplay (1.66 million days), the most popular difficulty level (“Successor”), and the most common game ending (“Revenge”).

The stats revealed that 7.5% of gamers had fully unlocked all Sifu’s skills, and only 0.23% had succeeded in completing the challenging Facing Liming Hui arena trial on “gold”.

The complete infographic (can be enlarged upon clicking)

Sifu, after making its debut in February 2022 on PC (Epic Games Store), PS4, and PS5, was also introduced on Nintendo Switch in November. By March 2023, the game also reached Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and S platforms. In less than a month after the release, sales surpassed the 1 million mark.

It is speculated that Sloclap is currently working on a new game. In the run-up to the second anniversary of Sifu, the studio promised several surprises. It is presumable that this mysterious update might be one of them.

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