USA ePay Announces Bluetooth Addition to Wireless ePay

ePay was pleased to announce today the final release and newest addition to its Wireless ePay product line the Bluetooth Pocket Spectrum. The all-in-one Bluetooth card swiper and printer has been integrated into the Wireless ePay program which can work with any J2ME and MIDP 2.0 supported phone on any network including Cingular, TMobile, Nextel, Verizon and AT&T. The new Bluetooth integrated device allows such phone as the Nokia 6600, 6620, 6230, 7610 and other Nokia Series 60 phones as well as phones like the Sony P900 and HP iPAQ to communicate directly with the card swiper and printer to process credit card transactions wirelessly.

The addition of the Pocket Spectrum into Wireless ePay expands our ˜swiper-supported’ phone list to include some of the newer and more popular Nokia and Sony phones on the market says Ben Goretsky, CEO of USA ePay. The product is cost effective and the merchant can use their existing cellular service provider; no more are the days of costly equipment with additional mobile service.

Wireless ePay, part of the Retail ePay program, allows retail merchant to enjoy the benefits that only internet merchants used to enjoy in the past. Since every transaction passes through the USA ePay gateway, while keeping the retail/swiped rate, every transaction is stored in history for the life of the account. Merchants no longer need to shift through stacks of papers and receipts to look up transactions. With USA ePay they have simple search capabilities as well as detailed downloadable reports, graphs, statistics and charts; features a basic credit card machine can never have.

USA ePay is a full-service ECI and Retail certified payment gateway which supports the First Data Nashville and Vital PS platforms. USA ePay, along with being Visa U.S.A. CISP compliant, supports the Verified by Visa program. The USA ePay gateway also carries the basic features of Address Verification System, CVV2 and CVC,

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