VPN Solution for Handheld Devices

Bluefire Security Technologies today announced that its Bluefire Mobile Security – VPN solution is generally available to enterprise customers seeking secure connectivity between handheld devices and their enterprise networks.

Bluefire Mobile Security – VPN ensures that mobile users maintain the privacy and integrity of in-transit data by creating a secure tunnel between a sender and receiver. “We are uniquely positioned to support the VPN needs of Enterprise and Government customers,” said Mark Komisky, CEO of Bluefire. “But we can also expand their security options and protect them against emerging wireless threats with our comprehensive Mobile Security Suite – the only solution in the industry to offer a fully integrated VPN and firewall for the mobile platform.

“Security remains the primary factor in delaying wireless handheld deployments,” added Komisky. “Enterprise IT security professionals expect to employ the same security policies and technologies on their handheld devices as they do on the rest of their networks. We are pleased to add Bluefire Mobile Security – VPN to our suite of mobile security solutions enabling network managers to maintain their security policies while enhancing productivity and connectivity through the use of secure wireless devices.”

Bluefire Mobile Security – VPN is compliant with the Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 platforms, and interoperates with most common VPN concentrators, including models from Cisco and Nortel.

Just as in traditional network security, Bluefire Mobile Security Suite users are able to leverage the complementary nature of VPN and firewall technologies to secure and filter information entering and exiting their wireless network via handheld devices. Enterprise customers that adopt the Bluefire solution can:

” Protect Lost and Stolen Devices – Policies can be designed and enforced that lock down the device and even remotely wipe the data off the device, ensuring that it does not get into the wrong hands. ” Prevent Attacks and Unauthorized Access – Users can prevent hackers from exploiting unsecured handheld devices as a backdoor to enterprise networks. ” Welcome Employee-Owned Handhelds – Enterprise IT managers can now set policies for and monitor activity on employee-owned devices accessing the enterprise network.

Customers interested in learning more about Bluefire’s VPN should contact Bluefire Sales by phone at 410-637-8167 or by e-mail: