Wireless Access Point For Dial-up Now Supports HP iPaq Pocket PC PDAs

Always On Wireless, Inc., manufacturer of the portable WiFlyer(TM) wireless access point for dial-up, announced today that it has released a compatible version of its WiFlyer for NetZero(R), Juno(R) and BlueLight Internet services of United Online, Inc. a leading provider of consumer Internet subscription services.

NetZero, Juno and BlueLight subscribers can now add wireless Internet access throughout their home using a compatible WiFlyer at a purchase price of $149.95 with no additional service fees. Existing WiFlyer users can upgrade to this capability through a free firmware upgrade from the Always On Wireless website.

“NetZero and Juno are clear leaders in value-priced Internet services and market research indicates nearly 40 percent of dial-up subscribers currently use more than one computer at home,” said Rudy Prince, CEO and chairman of Always On Wireless, Inc. “Now NetZero subscribers can simultaneously share the same dial-up line using wireless Wi-Fi/802.11 networking while those with laptops can enjoy wireless freedom throughout their home – allowing users to email or surf the web from the kitchen, in the family room or even out on the patio. With this capability, the WiFlyer is now compatible with nearly all ISPs in the U.S. including the four largest – AOL(R), MSN(R), EarthLink(R) and now NetZero.”

In addition to this dial-up compatibility, the user interface of the WiFlyer has now been optimized for use with Wi-Fi equipped Pocket PC PDAs including the HP iPaq and Dell Axim.

“We’ve entirely redesigned the web interface of the WiFlyer to allow easy configuration directly from the smaller browser display of a Pocket PC PDA,” said Jason Love, WiFlyer product manager. “Now, users that prefer traveling with a PDA instead of a laptop can access the web wirelessly using a WiFlyer over either a dialup or broadband connection. In just seconds, they can easily select their ISP and local access numbers to allow instant emailing and browsing through their wireless Pocket PC PDA.”

The WiFlyer, which connects to either an ordinary phone line or Ethernet cable to deliver dial-up or broadband wireless Internet access, began shipping in October 2004 and has been featured and reviewed in numerous publications, including PC Magazine, BusinessWeek’s annual Tech Buying Guide, PC World’s Digital Holiday Shopping List, the New York Times, LAPTOP and others. The product targets homes, including vacation homes, with dial-up access to provide a convenient and affordable wireless access solution.

About Always on Wireless

AOW is focused on wireless Internet communications and has developed the industry’s first portable Wi-Fi access point optimized for both dial-up and broadband Internet access. The company’s executive team has many years of combined experience in telecommunications and networking products; notable successes including

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