Wireless Security Solution

Cirond Corporation announced the introduction of a new wireless security solution that enables corporations, government, educational and other institutions to secure the wireless connections for all wireless mobile computers within an office environment.

A key security feature of AirSafe is that it automatically disables a notebook computer’s wireless radio whenever the computer is plugged into a wired corporate network. This eliminates the problem at source of users logged on to a wired network, inadvertently wirelessly broadcasting that connection to unauthorized users inside or outside the office premises.

“With more than 27 million wireless-equipped notebook computers sold last year, there is a huge and pressing need for organizations to immediately implement the appropriate software tools to eliminate the security risks caused by wireless notebooks,” said Nicholas Miller, CEO and President of Cirond Corporation. “We believe that AirSafe, which is the first and only product of its type, is as vital as anti-virus software to maintain network security. All organizations need to immediately take steps to ensure that a wireless security product (such as Cirond AirSafe) is installed on every wireless-equipped notebook computer that could be connected to their network.”

“More than half of all notebook computers sold in 2003 were wireless-equipped – with that number expected to rise to more than 90 per cent over the next five years, there will soon be more than 100 million wireless notebooks in use, so the need for this type of wireless security solution is clear. We estimate the total available market for solutions like AirSafe to exceed $500 million annually. Consequently, AirSafe represents a major potential revenue opportunity for Cirond.”

Cirond AirSafe will begin shipping on August 15, 2004, starting at $1,000 (for 50 users).

AirSafe will be available for purchase directly from the Cirond Web site at or through authorized reseller agents. The company will also actively market this product to manufacturers of wireless notebook and Tablet PC computers for integration in their devices before shipment, and will actively pursue licensing agreements with companies offering related or complementary products.

About Cirond

San Jose, California-based Cirond Corporation (OTCBB: CROO.ob) is dedicated to meeting the network security and management challenges created by the existence and popularity of wireless networks. Cirond products include AirPatrol Mobile and AirPatrol Enterprise (rogue access point and ad-hoc user detection and location, network security and management solutions; AirSafe (which prevents wireless sharing of authorized wireless connections by mobile computer users); AirSentinel (which provides 24/7 wired-side detection of wireless devices) and the Winc and pocketWinc wireless connectivity tools for the Windows and Pocket PC family of operating systems. Cirond products are available directly through the company’s Web site at or through its network of value added resellers and licensees.