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Do All h63xx Owners Have No Friends, Or Just Me? Okay, I know others have reported it previously etc, so i would like to add myself to the list.

– Missing Calls-

At First, when i switched to the h6365, before i even started configuring the device, i went straight to the .38 ROM Upgrade. So all is up to date. I hadnt received any calls for a while on the phone. Then i spoke to a person on my home phone, who told me that they had been calling my mobile, with no answer?!?! Here is Australia, i am on Vodafone. Its not one of those proprietory services either. So, i find myself doing a soft reset about once a day, just to keep things above board. But even still, sometimes, i will miss calls (it wont even ring at my end) On occasion, a call will come in, it will vibrate……… then thats it. It doesnt flash up who is calling, no ring tone, screen lit up, phone continiously vibrating, screen locked up, all buttons locked up. The only way to get it to stop is to soft reset. And after all that, i cant even find out who was trying to call, as there is no log of it!!

-SMS Sending-

When i send an SMS, it will get sent fine. And USUALLY straight away, i get that little notification message, that says “Message Sent”. Other times, i send message, the person gets the message, BUT i dont the get the “Message Sent” notification. (thats fine though). BUT, then, the message will pop up that it has been sent (maybe an hour later, maybe a few hrs later), and when that message pops up, the original message gets sent again! So i have been charged twice! This actually happens a fair bit. And that pisses me off!

-GPRS & WiFi Simultanious?-

Can GPRS & WiFI be used simultaniously? Reson i ask, is because, if i am on Wifi (at home on my home network), then i want to send an MMS message, it pops up that the WiFi connection may be interrupted to send the MMS. Answers? I dunno what to think. All in all, yep, its a great device, BUT im thinking that i should have purchased it about 1 year LATER, when all (or at least more) of the bugs have been ironed out. I just hope that HP comes out with a new ROM update that will fix all the above. The SMS’s sending twice is a real bother, as it costs alot of money. (well, it adds up in the long run)

-Adding Number To Existing Contact-

Another thing i wish it had, is when you go to your call history, and it shows up a phone number that isnt in your phone book, but you want to add the number to your phone book, to a contact that already exists, you cant do it. You can only add new contact.

-Contacts List-

Also, with the contacts list, when you Sync with Outlook, has anyone noticed that with the phone numbers of a contact, that it doesnt show the “Other” field on the phones numbers? Try it. Go to your Outlook on the PC, edit a contact, and add a phone number to the “Other” field in the phone numbers. Sync with PPC. It wont show up on the PPC. CRAP! Speaker on the back is WAY too soft. Everyone knows that one!


-Language Barriers-

I call HP to tell them my problems, and im speaking to some call centre in India, and there is too much lag in the phones (they must use VoIP), and it too hard to hold a consistent conversation, therefore too frustrating to explain to the Indian person on the other end my problems. There is too much of a language barrier. I have other gripes and questions, but i will post up another time. I think this post is already getting way too long. Im hoping i will get some replies of others experiences with the above. Thanks for reading!


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Andrew, I know how you feel man, I felt the same way. However, after reflashing my unit with the new ROM I would say I am not in your shoes any more. It’s unfortunate that you have the 6365 and have to deal with tech support in India, because all they do is follow on screen computer prompts. I have the 6315 and am in the US so if and when I do call I call sales rep who then calls T-Mobile for me get to the correct department, and if they can’t solve the problem they transfer my to HP but still in the US. (That’s how I got my last issue resolved with Terminal Services but that was before the ROM update.) I will say this after flashing my unit a few times (unofficial, official, unofficial, official, splash, etc…) I have had a couple of problems.

SMS when I reply to a non T-Mobile customer it doesn’t go through. My work around is to use PhonePlus SMS sender and have it mapped to the mail button. Thus when I receive a SMS from Kristen and read it I push the mail button which launches PhonePlus type in kris which brings up Kristen tap SMS and send a reply with either a “phrase” or quick reply.

Reception in my house my old Nokia had full reception, however this phone *sigh* well it jumps around. Sometimes I have 0 bars sometimes I have 4 bars, and other times I have 0 bars with an orange light. It keeps me entertained, which is why I have resulted in having my phone calls forwarded when I get home to my VoIP account in which I have my bt headset paired so I can answer calls from my headset still. (I have the class 1 bluetooth which allows transmission up 330ft =))

And as far as malfunctions are concerned, well I’m thinking they’re more software related. Like in the instance of Nydiot Virtual Display, after installing it PocketNav displays dashes instead of the application names that are running. Also only once, did my phone ring and didn’t stop. So it kept vibrating, and was locked in that vibrating mode until I did a soft reset. At the time I had a perverse friend with me who is an avid South Park watcher, he exclaimed “look it’s the ultra pleasure vibe 2000!” We all had a good laugh. I do hope that HP will release another fix for the issues you’re having. Regards,