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Third party mail notifier??

I posted a few days ago about my ipaq not notifiying me when I got new mail via activesync while connected through bluetooth. A while ago, HP told me it was a known issue and that MS was working on it. Just now, I found an article at MS that says it’s by design…those notifications only work when you’re on WiFi. So, I’m wondering if there are any third-party plugins that can be configured to alert of incoming mail under any conditions. Thanx!!


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I use WebIS for my email (it includes a large amount of extrea features). The program has a notification Tab in settings which allows you to choose if you wish to be notified or not. I don’t have a bluetooth connection to check this, but i’d assume that it should notify you if you recieve a new email through any connections.
Maybe worth a look? There’s a free trial of the program here.
Hope this helps.