Apple to Launch ‘Passwords’ App Next Week

Apple to Unveil New Password Manager App

According to reports from online sources, tech giant Apple Inc. is reportedly preparing to launch a new application named “Passwords.” As the name suggests, this serves as a password manager, designed for storing various login credentials. The highly anticipated app is expected to debut at the upcoming annual World Wide Developer Conference (WDC 2024) to be held next week.

Syncing and Categorizing Capabilities

Currently, Apple users leverage iCloud Keychain to store their login information. The forthcoming “Passwords” app is designed to synchronize in a similar manner. Yet, it takes it up a notch by allowing users to categorize account information. The source reports that the “Passwords” app will be accessible on devices like iPhone, iPad, Vision Pro, and even Windows computers. However, its compatibility with Android devices is not clarified.

Integration and Advanced Features

This new password management app is set to make its debut in the versions of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15. Besides securely storing passwords, it will be equipped to generate new passwords, auto-fill forms, and create authentication codes similar to Google’s. Alongside this breakthrough, Apple is anticipated to announce a trove of novel features in the WDC, including artificial intelligence-based tools and an overhauled Siri AI assistant.

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