Atmel’s WLAN Technology Integrated in Wi-Fi Enabled Print Server from HP

Printers use either a USB or parallel interface to connect directly to a PC. For printers that do not have an Ethernet port, the HP Jetdirect 380x 802.11b wireless print server may be used to provide a connection from the printer’s USB interface to the Local Area Network (LAN). The HP Jetdirect 380x print server is designed to provide wireless network connectivity, facilitating the choice of printer location without the use of wires. This design win represents Atmel’s second embedded Wi-Fi design win at HP. The first design win, announced November 18, 2002 was for an embedded USB module into the HP iPAQ(TM) Pocket PC H5400 series. “Atmel is pleased to have been chosen by HP for the design of this wireless print server. It is a significant design win as Atmel and HP should be able to leverage the developments of the software and reuse it on future developments. This provides a potentially enormous reduction in cost and engineering time, allowing a much quicker time to market on subsequent products,” said Richard Bisset, Product Marketing Director of Atmel’s Multimedia Communications Product Group.