BoxWave FlexiSkin Case

Cushioned Comfort To Protect Your iPAQ

With all the cases I have accumulated, I still need a case for protecting the exterior of my iPAQ while driving my car and using my GPS. I suppose one day I might get a permanent mount, but for now, I rest it on my console while my GPS is being used. With the movement a car makes while traveling down a highway or a side road, I want the ability to view my iPAQ screen and still have protection for the exterior and I don’t want it to slip off the console.

I have tried skincases before and they work fine but I was never happy with their color, so I just stopped using them; that is until I saw the FlexiSkin from BoxWave . They have a skin case that closely resembles the exterior color of my 4700 — and that is what prompted me to try it.

BoxWave’s FlexiSkin cases are made from a soft, durable, flexible silicone material that stretch around your case to fit like a glove. Because it contours to your iPAQ’s shape, you are able to preserve the look and size of your iPAQ without it becoming too heavy or bulky.

There is just enough “flex” in the material to cushion it if it should slip and fall on the floor and clearly enough protection to ward of scratches. Because the skin is flexible, it slips over my iPAQ with an extended battery very easily — something that none of my other cases will allow me to do (except my ruggedized case).

The cutouts are perfect, allowing you access to each feature of your iPAQ. There is even a cutout for your flip cover but there is some restriction trying to close the cover. A simple-to-use detachable belt clip that comes with the case allows for those that wish to carry your iPAQ on your belt. It has a brass fitting for attaching a removable screw into the back of the case. The screw and clip are a white plastic— I didn’t care for that; it just didn’t fit in with the smoke black color of the skin.

I am pleased with the anti-slip properties of the case. Your iPAQ has a little extra “grip” on surfaces. Of course, it is washable and tear-resistant and it includes a carrying strap — which I would never use.

Durable and protective, this case will protect your iPAQ from scratches and bumps. If you are looking for a simple means of providing protection, this case is worth looking at.




Form-fitting case (fits with extended battery) excellent Anti-slip properties smoke black color is my favorite


White Plastic belt clip
silicone attracts dust


4.5 out of 5

You can visit the Boxwave site here.