“Chaos” Game Receives its First Combat System Enhancements and Bug Fixes, Alleviating Player Distress

Russian developers, Cyberia Nova, have announced the release of patch version 1.0.6 for their historical role-playing action game, ‘Trouble’. This significant new patch was discussed in-depth by the studio producer, Andrey Belov, in a special video message.

According to Belov, this new ‘Trouble’ update includes the correction of a significant 66 bugs. This includes a number of amendments to issues considered to be “absolutely critical”, which were presenting serious challenges to gamers, including stalling game progression.

System Improvements

Not only is patch 1.0.6 brimming with bug fixes, but it also features promised enhancements to the combat system. There are two major changes:

  • parries can now be used against strong attacks, light attacks, and even kicks;
  • The player’s character can now block an enemy’s forthcoming attack in a combination move, preventing scenarios where a relentless enemy attack causes the player to become stunned.
A snapshot of the newly activated block button on keyboard and gamepad

Furthermore, thanks to this latest patch, NPC characters in ‘Trouble’ now engage in realistic and dynamic dialogues with each other. The game day-night transition now features an animated interface for improved visual clarity.

List of Changes

The full list of changes in update 1.0.6 can be accessed via a dedicated article from the developers. Some of the noteworthy amendments include:

  • the block action in fights now interrupts movement;
  • NPCs now react to thrown stones;
  • Sound optimization was conducted at tavern locations;
  • Horses will no longer vanish in front of the player upon dismounting;
  • Players will no longer be teleported elsewhere after interacting with task-related, mobile characters.
Screenshot of game after the new patch application

Belov confirmed Cyberia Nova’s ongoing commitment to improving the game with future patches, although no release date has been announced yet for the next update. The developers initially revealed their game enhancement plan in early May.

The game ‘Trouble’ was first launched on April 4th on VK Play but is set to receive the ‘Zemsky Sobor’ add-on towards the end of 2024. The add-on is described as a “political thriller”. The game is based on the novel ‘Yuri Miloslavsky, or Russians in 1612’.

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