Dave’s Ipaq – Arkon releases new iPAQ mounts today @ Dave’s iPAQ

Arkon Resources, Inc. announced today a new family of “bundled” Powered Multimedia PDA Mount solutions. Pocket PC users can now choose among a variety of bundles pedestal solutions to be used in conjunction with the ARKON Powered Multimedia Mounts. Option 1 includes a super strong windshield pedestal, a vent mount pedestal, and a console mount attachment. Other options include a cup holder pedestal with a vent mount and a flexible gooseneck pedestal with the vent mount. The ARKON Powered Multimedia Mounts were first introduced in January of 2003. The Powered Mounts have a built-in amplified speaker thereby allowing Pocket PC users to hear their GPS voice commands, digital books, mp3 music, and other audio above the noise of the road. The Powered Mounts also provide continuous charging power to most of the current Pocket PC models.