Discord Intends to Become a Platform for Gamers Again

Discord, a popular communication platform, announces a strategic shift back towards its gaming roots. The redesign will overhaul group messaging, voice chats, video calls, and other key features of the application.

Discord’s CEO, Jason Citron, conveyed to users that the company recognizes the need to transition from being “community-oriented chat” to a service that “helps people cultivate friendships around games and shared interests”. In effect, developers will integrate significant changes throughout the year. The redesigned application will facilitate faster connection speed for conversation initiation and enhance the reliability of voice traffic, video and streaming content. The company also plans to extend Discord support to a broader array of devices.

As part of the gaming community-centric shift, Discord has decided to abandon the plan outlined in 2020. The plan aimed to make the platform more suitable for a diverse user base given the greater need for communication services during the pandemic. However, a lot has changed since then, not least the massive staff cuts that Discord had to undergo. The current decision was taken keeping in view the long-term growth of the platform, primarily with the gaming community in focus.

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