Former Witcher 3 Producer’s Studio Announces ‘To the Star’ — A Survival Simulator Inspired by ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Where You Can Craft Your Own Dreams

Stan Just, the former producer of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and his studio have announced their latest creation, To the Star, a surreal survival game inspired by “Alice in Wonderland”.

Game Plot and Mechanics

To the Star is set in a fantasy world where players must craft bizarre items and battle strange creatures, either solo or cooperatively, to uncover the mystery of a fallen star. The game features a unique cooking system enabling players to prepare odd dishes from an assortment of ingredients, such as suppressed emotions or lost dreams. These delicacies can be consumed for enhancements or hurled at enemies to alter their attributes.

Players can take a break from the adventure in a magical dimension called Briefbase, a tranquil corner of existence hidden inside a suitcase where they can construct and furnish a personal haven.

Screenshots of To the Star
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Features and Release Details

Developers have promised a cooperative gameplay for up to four individuals, innovative battles with a culinary twist, mod support, Unreal Engine 5 graphics, and Russian language support. The developers have particularly clarified that To the Star will not have any microtransactions, in their aim to deliver a full and finished gaming experience.

To the Star is planned for early access release on Steam, and it is expected to be there for about a year during the refinement and adjustment of the game. Release dates for the initial version remain unspecified.

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