Samsung to Deploy Galaxy AI Tools on Smartwatches and Other Devices

Following the debut of the Galaxy S24 smartphone series, Samsung has begun the rollout of artificial intelligence (AI) based services known as Galaxy AI. The manufacturer subsequently pledged to introduce these services onto previous generation phones and tablets and has now shared plans to integrate them into wearables and other devices.

Samsung’s Expanding Integration of Galaxy AI

TM Roh, the head of Samsung’s mobile division MX, has announced that the company is working towards incorporating Galaxy AI into several of their proprietary devices and services. “In the near future, some Galaxy wearable devices will apply AI, enhancing digital health quality and ushering in a new era of advanced health intelligence. Samsung will continue to enrich and accumulate Galaxy AI capabilities across all categories in collaboration with leading industry AI partners”, Roh stated.

Future Plans for Galaxy AI

Previously, it was revealed that Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds would soon gain access to an AI translation feature, and similar features are likely to be introduced to Samsung’s smartwatches. However, the company doesn’t plan to stop there. “We are just getting started. When developing the Galaxy S24 series, we had many ideas and concepts that we wanted to bring to life. Over time, Galaxy users will be able to enjoy a greater number of Galaxy AI features based on these ideas and concepts, as Samsung continues to constantly improve and enhance mobile AI capabilities,” Roh promised.

These plans indicate the South Korean manufacturer’s serious commitment to the Galaxy AI project, planning to rigorously integrate AI functions in the future. It’s expected that the company’s range of wearable devices will not be the only ones to receive these enhancements, given Samsung’s wide variety of products.

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