T-Mobile security flaw in voicemail. Beware and change

If any of our members of the community have Sprint or T-Mobile and you have auto voicemail login enabled, you are vulnerable to a simple hack to access your voicemail. I have auto voicemail login enabled because I hate entering my voicemail PIN number each time I want to check my messages.

The voicemail authentication system is simple. It uses caller ID to validate the originating number – if the caller ID matches your cell phone number (ie. your cell phone calling in to check your voicemail messages), it will log you in automatically.

Since the announcement of commercial caller ID spoofing systems such as CovertCall and another called TeleSpoof. For those not in-the-know, caller ID spoofing allows you to change your caller ID number to anything you like. This is extremely vulnerable and make sure you turn off auto login enabled. This is probably how they hacked into Paris Hilton’s voicemail.

What is CoverCall?

Covert Call allows you to alter the caller id that is sent to the phone you are calling. It can operate just like a calling card, all for the price of a normal long distance call.

here’s a scenario: Out of the office and need to contact a business associate, but don’t want to reveal your private cell phone number?… Covert Call will display your business number on their caller id. No one will ever know where you are really calling from!

Manipulate the caller id, that is sent from your phone. Appear to be anyone, anywhere. This service is compatible with nearly all phones, cell phones, and even the new VoIP phones!

What is TeleSpoof?

Telespoof is offering the first domestic and international Caller I.D. spoofing service, allowing business professionals to remain anonymous when calling from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. Telespoof allows you to be whoever you want to be.

Our service is for business professionals within the U.S. including, but not limited to; Private Investigators, Skip Tracers, Law Enforcement, Debt Collection Agencies, Insurance Agencies and Lawyers, allowing the freedom to choose any number to show up on the Caller I.D. display.

Telespoof operates on toll free numbers within the U.S. giving clients access from wherever they may be. No need to be in the office or at a computer to use the service. Telespoof also allows clients to place international calls with spoofed Caller I.D. permitting the technology is available within the destination country.

Quote The only reason for the staff at Dave’s iPAQ posting this is to protect the members of our community. We do not support any of these types of actions at all!